We are their work force

What do you do when you want honey? We humans can synthetically make honey but do we? We let the honeybees sit on our flowers, we let them have their feast and then we take out the comb built by them.

A few weeks back, I was staring at the night sky. If you stare at an empty spot for an adequate amount of time, you can see that the empty spot you see actually has many stars. There are billions of stars and astrophysicists and mathematicians believe that there is a very high probability of an alien civilization existing on a distant planet. Some civilizations may be more advance than us. The proof of this can be found if you study the technical history of the years between 1940-2000. There are evidences of alien spaceships crash-landing on earth. Many believe that the technical advancement we enjoy today is because of the reverse engineering of the alien technology. Many also believe that the aliens have gifted us their technology for our advancement.

Considering the fact that our sun is a young star and there is a considerable amount of time till it turns into a red giant and end the living conditions on earth, we can’t deny the possibility that there must be intelligent beings out there who want our planet as their home.

Why did the dinosaur age suddenly end? A natural calamity or an intentional attack to wipe out the species? We always believed that this planet was earlier a home to dinosaurs and apes but what about the time before that? The discovery of the ‘screw’ found at an excavation site changes everything. Studies suggest that the screw is at least 400 million years old!

This now seems very clear. Aliens exist and they were here. But it doesn’t solve the mystery of human existence. If they want our planet and they are technologically so advanced, why are we still alive?

Why did the aliens gift us there technology? Was that because they want us to enjoy comfortable lives? I don’t think so. They constantly have a watch on us. There are various space crafts currently observing the earth. My previous post already has an evidence of moon being a spaceship and the existences of technology supporting time travel.

I believe that our dependency on their technology will one day be responsible for the extinction of our race. The hindrance in the control of army missile base and nuclear weapon in the presence of, what they believe is an UFO, is the sign of their supremacy and control over our lives.

What if we are, unknowingly, building a comfortable home planet for them? They are well aware of the fact that if they destroy our planet physically, they will lose all that our race has created. So they will just control our technology, given by them, against us. They will wipe out all the evidences of human existence and use the planet we built for them.

So what are we? We can call ourselves their bees because slaves would be offensive.

The Devil’s Circle

devils circle

There exists a spot in all forests, called “The Devil’s Circle” which is ubiquitous and yet nowhere at the same time. You may find it one day, for it to be gone the next. The spot is nothing more than a circle of evenly spaced stones, however nothing lives inside of these stones- it is just barren dirt. During the day, it’s Ok to touch it, and even stand within the circle. If you plant something in it, it will be dead the next day.

The real secret to the circle is if you put something’s hair within it, then maybe the next day, they will die. Perhaps they die mysteriously in their sleep, or maybe even a car accident. However, in doing so, you give up your soul to the devil.

The circle we are talking about is said to have mysterious power. It is said to gain control over your dreams and thoughts. Considering the shape of the spot, it seems as if someone burnt something over there. It is a black spot surrounded by stone and it changes position throughout the forest. Why does this spot only seen in the forest? Is there something we are missing out? Properly examining the details is not possible because of the obvious reason- fear but we can let our imagination play the game. What if we say that these spots are actually the landing areas for UFOs? The dark spots are the results of the energy used by the UFOs- probably nuclear. Nothing lives inside the circle because of the radioactivity. These spots change positions because the Aliens always vary their landing spots on earth to avoid contact with humans. The answers will only be clear if someone is gutsy enough to loosen the weights of fear and enter the forests at night.

You ask yourself now “Is this true?”, but more important question you must ask is, “Is it worth it?”

Time travel or Aliens?



While investigating the remains of a meteorite outside of Moscow in 1998, Russian scientists discovered a rock with a screw firmly fixed inside. As it was a meteorite, we may be talking about a small remain of an alien planet that must have exploded. Considering only humans use screws, we may be talking about time travel.

Geologist estimate the age of the rock to be 300-320 million years old. Evidence shows that the iron atoms of the screw and the silicon atoms of the rock have in fact spread and fused, suggesting the screw is by no means a recent addition to the rock.

Experts agree the screw was artificially constructed, rather than being the result of a natural process.

Reports of evidence of intelligent life existing on Earth in prehistoric times pop up from time to time. These reports include machined parts such as spheres, screws and toothed wheels, as well as more bizarre discoveries such as manufactured boot, sandal and foot prints embedded in billion-year-old stone.

Researchers claim most of the evidence is now gathering dust in the basements of the world’s most prestigious institutions

Conspiracies of the past



During the cold war, Russia and allies were not exactly BFFs. For fifty years, both sides tried to hide their failures from each other, creating a climate where you couldn’t be sure what was real and what was propaganda. So when a Czech agent leaked information about a failed Russian space flight in December 1959, no one knew what to make of it. According to the story, Yuri Gagarin’s successful trip of 1961 into orbit was only one in a long line of Soviet space attempts- and merely the first one that didn’t end in pilot’s gruesome death.

Worryingly, there may even be some evidence to this. In february 1961- two months before Yuri’s flight, a listening station in Italy apparently recorded two Russian voices broadcasting the words “everything is satisfactory, we are orbiting the Earth” from space. A few days later, they picked another garbled transmission that sounded a whole lot like a scream of terror, followed by an empty silence. Two later recordings were also made, including one of three sobbing people saying “conditions growing worse, why don’t you answer? . . . We are going slower . . . The world will never know about us . . .” So what were they? Clever fakes? Evidence that Russia abandoned irrecoverable cosmonauts to a horrifying fate? We will never know.

Aliens live feed

We all, at some point of time in life, think what will happen if I ever come across an extraterrestrial. We might think of recording the entire incidence to make people believe that we are not faking it. Many claim to have seen UFOs, some even claim to have been in physical contact with them but there are very few incidences with significantly authentic evidences.




In 1978, Frederick Valentich was on a 125 mile training flight in his single engine Cessna 182 along the coast of Bass strait. He told air traffic controllers in Melbourne that he was being buzzed by an unidentified flying object with four bright lights about 1000 feet above him.

His last messages to the controllers were taped. Valentich stated “It is approaching from the east and coming towards me. It seems to be playing some type of game, flying at a speed I cannot estimate. It is not an aircraft. It’s flying past. It is a long shape. I cannot identify more than that. It is coming for me right now.”

One minute later, Valentich stated”It seems to be stationary. I am orbiting and the thing is orbiting on top of me. It has a green light and sort of a metallic light on outside.”

He than radioed that his engine was running roughly before stating his last words “It is not an aircraft.”

Frederick and his plane were never found.

Time travelers caught

  Time doesn’t exist, clock exists. Time is just an agreed upon construct. We have taken distance (one rotation of the earth, one orbit of the sun), divided it into segments, then given those segments labels. While it has been programmed to live our lives by this construct as if it were real. We have confused our shared construct with something that is intangible and thus have become its slave.




Some men in history were known to have above average intelligence. They were said to have knowledge that did not exist. Some men were said to predict future. Don’t you think these guys were helped by time travelers? In 1940, a mysterious man was photographed in Canada wearing what seems to be modern clothing and carrying a Camera. Its authenticity was proven by NTV in Russia in 2010. Is this a man with incredibly modern style? Or evidence of time travel?


There will be a moment in future when our kids will be travelling time to collect material for their history projects.

A typical Men in Black encounter



What if MIB was not just science fiction? There are many people out in the world who have seen MIB agents and many have even actually talked to them.

A typical Men in Black encounter will involve two well-dressed individuals in black suits turning up in relation to a UFO sighting, alien abduction or other paranormal event. Witnesses have described them as ‘not quite right’, observing them to act uncomfortably or without any apparent emotions.

The target will usually either be warned not to continue their research or to tell their story, often feeling harassed or intimidated in to keeping quiet. Some believe that these mysterious agents are a part of a secret government agency such as the CIA while some believe they are extraterrestrials themselves in human-like form.

One of the most well known historical accounts of MIB intervention was reported by Albert K. Bender who claimed in his 1963 autobiography that he was intimidated in to halting the publication of his UFO magazine,”space review”, in 1953 by visitors dressed all in black.

More recently, actor and UFO researcher Dan Akroyd recalled a mysterious encounter while preparing for a new paranormal TV show called “Out there”. He had been talking on phone outside when he noticed a black sedan with two figures  dressed all in black who both appeared to stare at him with an unpleasant glare. Having turned away for a brief moment he looked back to find that the car and the men had disappeared.

“I turned back a half-second later and it was gone,” he said. “And that car did not go past me, it did not take a ‘U’ turn..That car vanished!”

You can't change the past. Aliens were here! Be ready for when they come back.


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